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Resilia’s mission is to strengthen the capacity of nonprofits and help grantors scale impact through data-driven technology solutions.

Our clients are champions for public good. They are big-picture entrepreneurs solving global problems. They are local organizations creating positive dialogue within their community. They found schools and fund the arts. They fight for progress where they work. We are honored and humbled to be a part of their story.

Powering the people changing the world


Why is Resilia offering microgrants?

Resilia will announce grant awards by June 30, 2023 and immediately deploy funding.

Submit your application by June 23, 2023

Email grants@resilia.com with any questions about applying.

By submitting your application you are agreeing to Resilia's privacy policy.

Since our founding in 2016, Resilia has supported more than 10,000 nonprofit organizations. We launched our microgrants program in 2021 to expand our commitment to our community and offer additional support during these challenging times. Microgrants are only part of Resilia’s ongoing commitment to supporting the sector with resources and capacity-building! Check out our free webinars, trainings, templates, and materials that are available via our Nonprofit Platform. 

Resilia is proud to continue our commitment to our nonprofit partners by offering $1,000 microgrants. No strings attached: fill out our quick grant application and Resilia will select five grant recipients to receive immediate cash grants to support their work. 

Resilia is democratizing technology and leveling the playing field for nonprofits of all sizes. 

Submit your application by June 23, email grants@resilia.com for any questions, and explore Resilia’s Nonprofit Platform for more free resources to scale and strengthen your nonprofit.  

Resilia Nonprofit Microgrants

Resilia Microgrants Details:

All tax-exempt American organizations dedicated to making an impact in their communities are eligible to apply. Fiscally-sponsored organizations may apply. Ineligible programs include individuals, endowments and capital requests, religious groups for religious purposes, political organizations/lobbying, fundraising events, elected officials, or organizations that do not align with Resilia’s anti-racist policies.

What programs are not eligible for Resilia’s microgrants?

How do I apply?

Fill out the form on this site! No budgets, attachments, logic models, or theories of change - just a few sentences on how $1,000 will help support your work. After you click “Submit,” you will receive a confirmation email.

My organization applied for Resilia’s first round of microgrants. Should I submit a new application?

Nope! We have your information in our system and there is no need to submit a new application. If your organization has experienced significant changes, you’re welcome to submit a new application if you choose to do so. 

Submissions will be reviewed by an internal panel at Resilia, and five awards will go to tax-exempt organizations that meet eligibility criteria. Read about the recipients of our first round of microgrants here.

How will Resilia determine grant recipients?

Resilia will announce grant awards on June 30, 2023 via email, and will contact all applicants after decisions are finalized. There is no need to check on the status of your application.

When will Resilia announce grant awards?

If I’m awarded a grant, what are the reporting requirements?

None. We trust nonprofits to invest in and advance their missions. Resilia’s here to support and scale your work, not impose restrictions or burdensome deadlines. We’d love to feature grant winners on our site or on social media, and welcome the opportunity to showcase your mission.